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About Sports Bettor Advice

We provide industry leading sports betting picks. I am a professional Daily Fantasy Sports player. With all of the analytics, game theory and research that ensues on every sports slate, we can help provide a significant edge you wouldn't normally get. We can raise your chances of being profitable, come check me out on the opponent search Jknucklez89 or follow me on twitter @Jknucklez.
Betting Rules
1. Keep your Bankroll intact - dont over bet and lose a weeks worth of winnings on one thing.
2. Don't Bet if you can't lose the money, as good as I am - out of control things can & will happen in sports
3. Don't bet just to bet, be precise
4. If you disagree with me, play that pick or play both ways. I do research to put us in the best spots, but I'm not perfect.
5. I bet everything I post. If you lose money, I'm losing money & I hate that you guys didn't win more, than I care about myself.

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