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Basic Betting

1. Download the DraftKings or FanDuel sportsbook apps and create an account.

If you ever have questions tweet me @jknucklez 

You can sign up here ;



2. Once your account is all setup - make sure you downloaded the sportsbook apps for both. (This can be your first edge, one book might pay you more for a specific bet you want to do)


3. Search the sport that your looking to bet inside the app, click on the tab for it

4. You will see odds next to Player names or Team names, depending on the sport you will see a few options. 

For instance for Nascar you may see the following

Kyle Busch  -  Win +450 (this calculates the odds of how much you will win, if you click on it. If you bet 100$on Kyle Busch to win - a window will pop up and tell you how much you will win. In this instance 100$ bet wins you 550$ (this includes the money you put in!) Some sports books will try to be tricky & add it like your making more money.

Football might look like this: The Chiefs are favored to win, which means the bet is gonna pay out less. If you take the underdog and they win it will pay out more. 

Kansas City Chiefs -300: Favored - Pays less - If you bet this KC has to win out right

Oakland Raiders +175 :Underdog - Pays more - If you bet this OAK has to win out right.

You also might see this point spread below (these typically pay out more, but can be more difficult to win)

KC - 6.5 : This means that KC must win by 7 points for you to win, if KC wins by 6 points you lose, because they needed to win by 7.


(Next lets say it was -6, if KC wins by 6 you and the sportsbook break even like you never bet, if they win by 7 then you get paid

OAK +3 - this means OAK can still lose or win the game, as long as they come within 3 points (3 points would mean you tie the sportsbook and nothing happens.. so if they come within 2 points you win even if they lose). If Oak wins you automatically get paid.

Parlays - These payout way more, but you need all of your bets to be correct. Lets say you bet these teams below, this would mean all teams would have to win (you get paid more than betting on single games) I can't count how many times I've had 8 of 9 games correct on a 9 game parlay and one team messes it up and you lose the whole thing. Its safer to bet singles, but sometimes it makes sense to do 3 - 7 team parlays because you can make a killing!


Oak - 300

MIA +240

NE - 400

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