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UFC Picks 9/16/23

Analyst - @Jknucklez

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2023 Main Picks



2023 Entire Card picks


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Main picks

(Please read fight breakdowns, where I pick ALL the fights)

In order by risk. 








Underdog shots (supposed to lose, but guys/girls that could pull an upset) this doesn't mean to bet it:



Specific Finish Prop bets

Kopylov by TKO

Padilla by TKO

Godinez by unanimous dec

Knutsson by unanimous dec

Dart throw submission bets:


Giagos by Submission

Fight Breakdowns & Entire Card Picks

Shevchenko -  Shevchenko is a well rounded striker that mixes in takedowns. Grasso caught shevchenko on a reverse sidekick the last fight where Grasso was able to take advantage. Shevchenko will certainly adjust the strategy here and come with something new, so I'll take Shevchenko for the victory.

Maddalena - Maddalena throws an insane 7 strikes per minute and absorbs around 3. Kevin Holland is a dangerous fighter, but I think Maddalena has the skills to make him look bad. I'm taking Maddalena by TKO.


 Rosas - Rosas is a young kid with good wrestling and tries to get finishes. Terrance Mitchell also wrestles, so I think Rosas mops him pretty much every where. Rosas for the victory.


Zellhuber - Zellhuber is a 5 strike per min guy with 91% take down defense. All of his fights go to dec, If Giagos gets you down he will certainly land a submission. I'm going to take Zellhuber based on past take down defense, however i don't mind a giagos punt submission bet either.


Padilla - Padilla knocked out Erosa quickly his first fight throwing 20 sig strikes in 1 min. I think Kyle Nelson who is an avergae fighter with 4 strikes per minute and 1 take down per fight at 20% accuracy, won't be able to handle the power of Padilla. Padilla for the tko victory.

Godinez - Godinez goes to decision 99% of the time, she lands about 3.4 takedowns a fight. Reed doesn't really do anything well sitting at 50% takedown accuracy. I think Godinez by unanimous dec.

Kopylov - I love this kid he has dangerous strikes and nice counter shots. What I don't like is he will NOT pressure other fighters and sits back and sometimes creates a lull in strikes thrown and lets opponents come back this will get him hurt as he grows up the ranks. As for now though I think he should be able to land a tko. Fremd is a low volume striker who lands 1 takedown per fight. Kopylov by tko

Chairez- Chairez is sitting a whopping low 2.5 strikes per minute. However he fought two wrestle fuckers back to back which will certainly stifle your volume. Lacerda has been knocked out 3 times in the UFC and subbed once. He should be at a disadvantage on the feet and tries 1 takedown per fight with 40% accuracy. I'll side with Chairez but yuck

Jasudavicius - Jasmine Jasu - averages two takedowns per fight and  a 3 strike per minute on the feet. Cortez lands 2.8 take downs per fight and probably the worse striker on the feet. So I think Jasmine should get the victory here.

Campbell - Campbell was throwing 9 strikes per minute in his contender series fight, until he eat a punch and got TKO'd. I would imagine his high volume should get him a victory as long as he doesn't get clipped. Alex Reyes is a 4 strike per min guy who got tko'd by Mike Perry. Campbell for the victory

Knutsson - We share a last name, but is NOT my sister lol. However she should get the victory here with a takedown avg of 2.5 per fight. Low volume on the feet, but usually gets the unanimous dec. Knutsson by Dec.






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